We can offer an opportunity to form lifelong friendships, safe and secure housing, rooms and apartments all over Trondheim.

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Student in Trondheim? Apply for student housing.

Moving out

Terminate your contract, and routines for moving out.

Remember to renew your lease

Everyone living with Sit and who wants to continue living in the autumn must renew their lease by 30 April

Family housing + kindergarten = true

Are you a student with children? If so, you are guaranteed housing and access to day care in Trondheim. This guarantee is valid at minimum for 1-bedroom apartments, and you must contact Sit Housing no later than May 15th regarding this. It is also possible to request a larger apartment, but we cannot guarantee that we have one available. Therefore, it is important that, when contacting Sit Housing, you specify if you are seeking an apartment larger than our 1-bedroom apartments.

Sit is upgrading the shared apartments at Moholt alle

The time has come to show some extra love for the shared apartments and the surrounding outdoor areas at Moholt alle - and we're talking a massive upgrade, both inside and outside.

FAQ for moving in with Sit

Have you booked student housing and wonder what happens next?  We've tried to answer the most frequently asked questions.

FAQ after moving in

You've moved in to your student housing, and you can finally get some peace of mind. But, then, one question after another starts popping up. Here we try to answer the most common ones.

What happens if I lose my house key?

Almost nobody is better than a student at losing house keys, so what happens if you lose the key to your Sit apartment?

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Contact us

Service: [email protected]
Cleaning: [email protected]
Welfare: [email protected]
Phone: +47 73 53 86 20
Alarm central: 91502347

Opening hours:

  • 08.00 (Wed. 09.30) – 15.00
  • Closed Saturday - Sunday

Visiting address:

Frode Rinnans veg 1
7050 Trondheim

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Contact information for all of Sit

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We encourage you not to send confidential or sensitive information. Read more about how we handle these inquiries.

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