Moving out

  • You have to give notice a minimum of two months in advance. You hand in your notice by logging in to Go to the menu, choose "Contracts," choose "Terminate," and follow the instructions.
  • You have to clean your own room(s) and all common areas before you move out. To make sure you have cleaned sufficiently, you can order a cleaning inspection. Contact the cleaning department to make an appointment. Please note that if we have to perform additional cleaning after you have moved out, you will be charged for this according to our list of services and fees.
  • Return keys and laundry cards no later than 8 a.m. on the morning after your contract ends. If you wish to return them outside normal opening hours, you can use the slot on the wall next to the entrance to the reception.
  • We refund your deposit by the middle of the month after you have moved out, at the earliest.

Cleaning check of vacated rooms and apartments

Sit Bolig will do a cleaning check of all vacated rooms and apartments. If the cleaning is not satisfactory, Sit Bolig will see to it. You will be charged for this according to the current price list.

Pre-book cleaning check when moving out

We strongly recommend that all our tenants book a free cleaning check their apartment before moving out, to clarify what is expected when it comes to cleaning before moving out and avoid misunderstandings resulting in cleaning charges to the tenant.

Cleaning checks are performed between 8:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. on weekdays. Contact the cleaning department and order a cleaning check at least one week before moving out.

When you have returned the key to your house you no longer have the opportunity to improve the cleaning yourself. If the cleaning is still unsatisfactory after you have moved out, Sit Bolig will make sure it is done, and you will be charged for this according to the current price list.