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Cleaning inspection

Once you move out, our staff will visit the apartment or your shared kitchen to see if everything has been cleaned properly, to make sure that the next tenant gets a nice start to his or her stay. If it hasn't been cleaned properly, we will see to it, but you will be charged for it. That's not pleasant for you, and we have to spend time and resources that are better spent elsewhere. This is why we offer everyone who wants it, a cleaning inspection before moving out.

If you want a cleaning inspection, contact the cleaning department by emailing Together we will find a date and a time for the inspection. Please note that inspections are only performed on weekdays. Before we arrive, you clean your apartment or your room and common areas according to the check lists on the top of this page, then we go over everything together on the agreed upon day.

An approved cleaning inspection certifies that you have cleaned properly and is your guarantee that you will not be charged extra for the cleaning when you move out.


Should you find yourself in a situation where you have bedbugs or any other kind of vermin in your room or apartment, there are two things we want you to do:

  1. Let us know as soon as possible. Call 73 55 16 52 or send an email to Do not call the Alarm central.
  2. Do not try to get rid of the problem yourself. We will make sure that professional exterminators deal with it.

Use of detergents

It has been said that when it comes to cleaning, 80 % of the work is using the right detergent. Below we've compiled a small list of places you're likely to want to clean and detergents suitable for the job.

Sanitary products for cleaning bathroom and toilets

  • Wash basin, the outside of the toilet and the shower cabinet and walls: Mr. Muscle or Jif baderom
    Do not use detergents intended for glass on the shower walls or doors
  • Difficult spots: Jif skurekrem
  • Drains and inside the toilet: Klorin desinfisering

Cleaning products for the kitchen

  • Furniture, floors, etc.: Ajax, Pep, Handy allrengjøringsmiddel
  • The stove, kitchen fan/filter inside/outside: Jif Grill og ovnsrens
    This detergent is caustic, so make sure to use rubber gloves. The filter and cartridge for the fan can be cleaned in a dish washer.
  • Difficult spots and sinks: Jif skurekrem
  • Windows and mirrors: Jif glass


  • Cish washers: Sun oppvaskmaskintabletter or oppvaskmaskinpulver and Sun glansemiddel
    Remember to remove food scraps from the strainer. Do not use Zalo, Sunlight or other soaps designed for manual dish washing.
  • Cleaning the dish washer and drains: Sun maskinrens
    The dishwasher must be empty. This should be done once a month.
  • Manual dish washing: Zalo or Sunlight oppvaskmiddel