Cleaning during the covid-19 pandemic

We recommend that everyone living in shared accommodation be extra dilligent with cleaning during this period.

Sit down together and create good routines for cleaning of the common areas that everyone can follow.
The Norwegian Institute of Public Health recommend daily cleaning of all frequently touched surfaces, such as bathroom sinks, toilets, door handles and kitchen worktops. Ordinary detergents can be used.

Check lists for cleaning

Cleaning check

All tenants must order a free cleaning check of their residence before moving out. An approved cleaning check means that you do not risk having to pay for additional cleaning after having moved out.
This is how a cleaning check is performed:

  • You order a cleaning check well in advance of moving, by emailing [email protected]
  • Together we find a time for the inspection, as close as possible to your date for moving out
  • You empty and clean the residence before we arrive
  • On the agreed upon date, we go over the residence together and agree on what is OK and what. if anything, has to be improved
  • After the check you'll receive a written report stating if everything is OK or if anything has to be improved
  • The cleaning will not be checked again until after you have moved out
  • Once you have moved out, we will check the residence again
  • If it has not been properly cleaned, we will see to it, and you will be charged for the work

It is not compulsory, but we highly recommend that you are present during the check. Please be aware that cleaning checks are only performed on weekdays.


Should you find yourself in a situation where you have bedbugs or any other kind of vermin in your room or apartment, there are two things we want you to do:

  1. Let us know as soon as possible. Call 73 53 86 60 or send an email to [email protected]. Do not call the Alarm central.
  2. Do not try to get rid of the problem yourself. We will make sure that professional exterminators deal with it.

Which detergents should I use

80 % of cleaning is selecting the right detergent. Below we've compiled a small list of places you're likely to want to clean and detergents suitable for the job.

Cleaning the bathroom and toilets

  • Wash basin, the outside of the toilet, the shower cabinet and shower walls: Mr. Muscle, Jif skurekrem or Jif baderom. Use non-metallic scouring pads.
  • Inside of the toilet: Kloring or Jif WC-rens. Use a toilet brush
  • Difficult spots: Jif skurekrem
  • Drain: Klorin
  • Shower curtain: Wash in washing machine at 60 degrees
  • Bathroom cabinets, air vents, doors and mouldings: Jif allrent or similar all-purpose detergent

Cleaning the kitchen

  • Kitchen interior, furniture, air vents, doors, mouldings, walls, light sources, floors, stairs, etc.: Jif allrent or similar all-purpose detergent
  • Difficult spots and sinks: Jif skurekrem
  • Inside of stove: Jif grill- og ovnsrens. Use gloves
  • Outside of stove: Zalo or Jif skurekrem
  • Kitchen fan and fan filter: wash filter and filter cassette in the dish washer, or soak in hot, soapy water
  • Very dirty kitchen fan and fan filter: Jif grill- og ovnsrens.
    This detergent is caustic, so make sure to use rubber gloves
  • Windows and mirrors: Jif glass

Washing the dishes

  • Dish washers: Sun maskinoppvask dishwasher cleaner and Sun glansemiddel rinsing agent
    Do not use Zalo, Sunlight or other soaps in the dish washer
  • Cleaning the dish washer: Sun oppvaskmaskinrens
  • Manual dish washing: Zalo or Sunlight oppvaskmiddel