How to use the laundry

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NB: You choose your laundry after logging in.

The price for using a washing machine is found here

Loss of laundry card or access chip

If you loose your laundry card or access chip, you can purchase a new one in the reception at Frode Rinnans veg 1. We can block the lost laundry card or access chip, to prevent it being abused. You can find the price in the list of services and fees.


If something is wrong with the washing machines or tumble dryers, please notify us by contacting the maintenance on My Page.

Forgotten clothes

Clothes forgotten at the laundry are removed during the first week of every month, regardless of how long they have been at the laundry. Clothes damaged by mould or moisture are thrown away, the rest are given to Fretex, a second-hand shop run by the Salvation Army.

Pre-payments to the laundry account

You have to pre-pay before you can use most of our laundries. Choose a laundry from the list above, log in with the username and password you got along with your laundry card/access chip, and follow the instructions for pre-payment. The remaining amount on your laundry account can be refunded within 6 months.

Username and password can be changed after your first login.

The price for using a washing machine can be found in our price list for services and fees. Use of the tumble dryers is included with use of the washing machine.

How to book a washing machine

Several of our laundries allow you to pre-book a washing machine. You can pre-book up to two machines at a time. Your reservation will be cancelled if you have not started washing within 15 minutes of your reserved times slot.

There are two ways to book a washing machine:

  • Booking a washing machine in the laundry
    You can book a washing machine using your laundry card or access chip in the laundry.
  • Booking a washing machine online
    Along with your laundry card or access chip, you received a user-ID and password. Choose the laundry where you want to make a reservation from the list above, and follow the instructions.

SMS-notification from the laundry

You can also choose to receive an SMS-reminder for your booking, if it is within the next 24 hours. You can order this both online and at the laundry, and it's free of charge. Please note that this service is available for Norwegian mobile telephone numbers only.