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How to use the laundry

Sit uses Miele appWash payment solution in most of the laundries.

This is a solution where login, payment, help function and communication with washing takes place via the app.

The payment system is intuitive and easy to get started with, see instructions for use below. This is also found in the laundries.

You can download the Miele appWash here:

App on iStore
App on Google Play

or go to to register å new user.

To be connected to your laundry, you will be asked to enter a 5-digit number. This can be found on the washing machines in the laundry.


Price for washing can be found in the price list for additional services and fees. Use of dryer is included.

The remaining amount in the laundry account can be refunded in the App.


The washing machines use two types of detergent - colored washing and fine washing. You select the program based on what you are going to wash, and the machine then dispenses the correct detergent. For environmental reasons, we do not use bleach or rinse aid in our laundries. If you want to use your own detergent, you can deselect soap via the screen on the machine and then add your own desired detergent into the washing machine.


If something is wrong with the washing machines in the laundry, contact Miele appWash directly by using the help function in the app. In the event of errors on free-of-charge dryers, contact the maintenance by logging in to

Forgotten clothes

Clothes forgotten at the laundry are removed during the first week of every month, regardless of how long they have been at the laundry. Clothes damaged by mould or moisture are thrown away, the rest are given to Fretex, a second-hand shop run by the Salvation Army.