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Moving in Trondheim

Welcome to Sit!

You can collect your house key from our reception located in Frode Rinnans veg 1 at Moholt. You can collect it on the same day as your housing contract starts, at the earliest. Remember to bring valid ID. Our opening hours for the reception can be found here

If you come outside of our opening hours, you can ask to reserve a key box. Send an email to at least one week in advance. Note that there is a limited number of key boxes and that international students are given priority.

NB! Tenants at Rosenborg student village must collect the key from the reception at Trondheim Vandrerhjem, right next to the student village. Before collecting the key, you must send an email with a screenshot from "My page" that shows your name, customer ID and contract information to The opening hours at Trondheim Vandrerhjem are 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. all days of the week.

Important! If you notice any faults or defects in your apartment, room or common areas upon arrival, you must report this using the self declaration form found on Please note that feedback concerning cleaning should be sent to If you move in outside of our opening hours, our earliest opportunity to address any reported faults will be on the following working day. If you decide to correct any faults yourself (for example a reported lack of cleaning) you will not be compensated for this.

Have you booked at key box at Frode Rinnans veg 1?

The key boxes are found on the wall to the left of the entrance to our reception in Frode Rinnans veg 1.

To open the key box, pull the key box hatch towards you immediately after entering the pin code. It’s important that only one person at a time tries to access the key boxes. Wait for 15 seconds after the last person collects the key beefore you open yours. Sometimes we leave multiple keys inside the same box, so please make sure you collect the correct key and that you leave any remaining keys safely inside the box!

Access chip

Please note that the chip you receive (along with your key) works both for the front door to your building and for the laundry. The location of the laundry is also marked on the map that is provided with your key. Read more about our laundries

Should you have problems retrieving your key from the key box, you can call our Alarm central. A security guard will be dispatched to let you into your room. You reach the Alarm central by calling +47 915 02347. Please be aware that you will be charged for this service, should it turn out to be your own fault that you could not retrieve the key. I.e.; if you arrive on a different date than you have stated, or you do not follow the instructions for opening the key box, etc. Read more abour our services and fees

Our student vilages

Here you will find practical information about our student villages

How to get from Trondheim Airport Værnes to Sit Bolig in Frode Rinnans veg 1, Moholt

  • You can take Værnes-Ekspressen directly from Værnes airport to Trondheim. See schedules here
  • The bus stop where you want to get off is “Moholt studentby”
  • Sit Bolig’s reception is located on the other side of the road from Moholt student village, on the right-hand side of the road called Frode Rinnans veg 1. It is a red wood building with tufted roof. By the entrance to the road there's a sign that says Sit Bolig.


Trondheim Parkering AS enforces the parking regulations on Sit Bolig's outdoor car parks. If you have rented an outdoor parking space, you must register your car in SmartOblat before you start parking. SmartOblat is Trondheim Parkering AS's self-service portal for electronic parking permits.

Sit will from the contract's start date give you an electronic parking permit in SmartOblat for the outdoor area you are permitted parking. You do not need a physical parking permit.

You will then receive 2 emails from

  • The first contains your username (your email address that Sit has registered) and password.
  • The other shows which parking area you have been assigned.

You now have access to SmartOblat and can log in here:

It is important to ensure that the registration number of the vehicle is activated and turns GREEN in SmartOblat. It is only possible to enter one registration number, but you have the option to change the registration number (which is displayed in green) in SmartOblat. You do not have to notify Sit when changing.

NB! The tenant is responsible for registering the vehicle's registration number correctly.

Inspections are performed by Trondheim Parkering AS.
In case of problems with SmartOblat, contact Trondheim Parkering AS, phone 73 10 98 80.

Please note that there are special rules for parking at Moholt and Nedre Berg student villages and Bloksberg student housing. You'll find more information below.

Parking at Moholt student village

  • NB! Make sure you always park on spaces where the sign says "oblat B"
  • There are three different parking lots at Moholt, so if one is full you must park at one of the others. There are often free spaces by Karinelund student village.

Parking at Nedre Berg student village

  • There are two parking lots at Nedre Berg student village. Please make sure never to park on one of the parking spaces reserved for the kindergarten.

Parking in the parking basement at Bloksberg student housing

  • Your access chip opens the garage door from the outside. From the inside you must exit the vehicle and press the arrow located on a box by the right side of the garage door.
  • The ramp exiting the parking basement is steep, and pedestrians may pass by, so please be careful.