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Internet is included with your rent. There is one WiFi router installed in each private room or apartment (with the exception of the locations listed below). In some cases you will find other Ethernet outlets in your room or apartment as well, but these are no longer in use and can't be used to access the Internet. Only the ports on the WiFi router can be used for this.

User manual for the WiFi router used at our student villages

All inquiries regarding Internet should be directed to Telia.

That means everything from the technical solution to which services are available to you.
When you contact Telia, you must provide your name, address and apartment number (called a "H-nummer"). You can find the latter on the front of your router.

Login information is found on the back of your router. Use the longest password.
You loosen the router by gently lifting it up along the wall.

There are some student villages and housings still waiting to switch to Telia. These are:


  • Nedre Møllenberg gate 25 B
  • Rosenborg student village