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Book housing

Book housing

If you’re an international student, you can only book housing if you have gotten confirmation from your place of study that you will be offered student housing and you have received a booking code from Sit. This code must be used during booking. There are rooms and apartments reserved for this purpose.


  • If there is vacant housing during the spring semester, other international students are allowed to rent as well. These housing contracts usually last until 31 July of the same year, and you will not be offered a new contract after this date.
  • Your booking will be cancelled if you have previously breached your tenancy agreement with Sit.

Please note that you use the same booking service if you wish to rent a storage room or parking space.

How to book housing?

  • Sit uses a booking service to rent out our rooms and apartments. This means that you book housing directly and that there is no waiting list.
  • Please note that most rooms and apartments show up in the booking service two months prior to being available. This is due to our two months period of notice.
  • You book housing at
  • Before booking you must confirm that you satisfy the requirements for renting student housing through Sit. If it is discovered that you do not satisfy these requirements, your tenancy agreement will be terminated.
  • All the rooms in a shared apartment are available for all genders, nationalities, etc. We therefore point out that it is random who lives in the same shared apartment, depending on who books the rooms. For example, you can not choose to live with only people of the same gender.
  • If there is nothing available at the student village or housing where you wish to stay, you can register to get notified once something becomes available. You can choose whether to be notified once a particular room or apartment becomes available, or once any room or apartment at that student village becomes available.
  • Please be aware that this booking solution is under development, and we kindly ask for your patience and understanding should any errors occur. We will gladly take any feedback from you regarding how this solution works, and whether you experienced any problems using it.

Regarding your housing contract

  • You get a housing contract that lasts until 31 July of this year or next year.
  • Your contract will always start on the earliest available date for the selected room or apartment. You can’t select the starting date for your housing contract yourself.
  • If you wish a contract that starts later, you will have to look for available rooms or apartments with a later contract start or take a chance on finding available housing later.

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