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Switching rooms and subletting

Switching room or apartment

There is no termination period when you move from one housing to another housing within Sit, but you must be on schedule with your payments. If you want to move to another Sit housing, you must log in to where you have your contract and book the new room/apartment you want. This also applies if you want to switch to another room within your current flat. Sign the new contract. Then you terminate the contract on your current housing and enter your desired contract end date (the earliest contract end date on the current contract must be the same date as the new lease starts). If you need more than one day to move, you can adjust the contract end date accordingly. You pay double rent only for those days you have two active leases.


Subletting means that you let another student live in your room or in your apartment, while you are still registered as the tenant and fully responsible if something should happen during the subletting period. The person you sublet to, must be a student. Subletting must be approved by Sit in advance. If you want to sublet your home, you must send an e-mail with the following information about the sublessor to

• Name

• Telephone number

• Email

• Sublease period

• Proof that the sub-lessee is a student (student identification card, etc.)


Sit Bolig accommodates friends wanting to move together in shared flats.

Recommending a friend into your shared flat

If a room in your shared flat becomes available and you would like a friend to move in, please do the following:

  • Log in to «my page» in, choose «contact us» and «recommend a friend»

If the room becomes available and the recommendation is approved, your friend will receive an email from us containing a reservation code for booking that specific room. Please note that the deadline for booking the room will be rather short.

NB: Please note that there is no guarantee that your friend will be able to book the room.

Important information before registering a recommendation

  • To be able to recommend a friend into a shared flat, you yourself must be a tenant in the same flat
  • It is only possible to recommend one friend into each room in the flat
  • It is not possible to recommend the same friend into several rooms in the same flat

Living with friends

If you and one or more of your friends want to move in together, do the following:

  • Log in to and find a shared apartment in the overview that has several available rooms.
  • Either you can send links of other rooms in the same shared apartment to the others you want to live with, or you can all sit together and each choose your own room in the same shared apartment.
  • You can see if there are other vacant rooms in the shared apartment by entering a room, scroll down the page, under «other rooms in the shared apartment». There you can see if a room is vacant or not.

Please be aware that it can take a very long time for a shared apartment to be completely vacated. We recommend that you choose vacant rooms in different apartments if you can't find enough vacancies in one apartment. You can then take your time looking for rooms in the same shared apartment together without worrying about not having a room at all. Please note there is no notice period when moving between rooms in Sit, but you will briefly have to pay two deposits, due to how the booking process works.