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What's all this then?

You can donate any furniture, glasses, plates, and silverware that you don't wish to bring with you when you move out, to the students coming after you. Sit is collaborating with the fantastic students at ReStore, to try to reduce the amount of furniture and other perfectly fine household items that get thrown away at our student villages every year.

ReStore would love to take the things you wish to get rid of, as long as you think that they can have a use for someone else.

What is ReStore?

ReStore is a volunteer student organization, mainly working on reducing waste from discarded household equipment and furniture. They have a lot of great sustainability projects, like ReStore, ReSykkel, ReBuild, ReHome, RePlant, ReSearch, and ReFood.

For more information about ReStore and their interesting projects please visit ReStore’s website.

This sounds awesome! How do I get in touch with ReStore? Can I be a volunteer too?

You can get in touch with ReStore on Facebook and Instagram.

And yes! You too can be a volunteer there, just check this Link .

You can also ask your questions via email

Will ReStore accept everything?

Almost everything! From furniture to kitchen utensils and decorations. They do not accept beds and mattresses, but they accept bed frames. Please donate only working, clean items in good condition, and ReStore will find your stuff a nice new home.

When and where can I donate items?

You can leave your donations on the backside porch at ReStore Red anytime. However, it is highly recommended to bring the donation during opening/donation hours so that their volunteers can receive the items and organize them quickly. (check here for updated hours)"

So, what happens to my stuff after I've given it to ReStore?

ReStore stores household goods and give them away to new students at the beginning of each semester. The dates for these events are announced on ReStore’s Instagram and Facebook.

But... ReStore didn't want my stuff!

If the things you wish to get rid of are in such poor condition that ReStore doesn't want to have it, do not despair! Rather you should log in to, select "Contact us" – “Contact maintenance” from the menu, and arrange for a time and place for Sit to come and collect the items for you, and dispose of them in the correct manner.

If the items are in good condition, but there are other reasons for ReStore not to accept them, we highly encourage everyone to make use of Trondheim's, and the Internet's, great and varied selection of services for disposing of used items.

I've got a bicycle that I can't bring with me, what should I do with it?

Have no fear, ReStore has the ReSykkel project just for you! You can come to ReSykkel and they will try to sell it on your behalf and then transfer the money to you. You can also donate the bike to ReSykkel so future students can rent it! If you’d like more information, please contact

Can I also repair my bike or furniture?

Of course! ReSykkel and ReBuild arrange workshops where you can repair your bike or furniture.

Some of my stuff is really heavy! Can they come pick it up?

Definitely! They do offer a free pick-up service. Check available dates