Nedre Berg student village

Nedre Berg student village consists of cozy wooden houses in an established residential area. It is located right next to Gløshaugen.

At Berg you will find spacious apartments for two student who share kitchen and bathroom, or for couples without children.

Resident information


Internet is included in your rent.

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Waste disposal

The waste disposal stations for Nedre Berg student village are found by Lars Onsagers vei 7 and 10.

Storage room

There are shared storage rooms in all apartments and shared kitchens. There is also a larger, shared storage room in the basement of Lars Onsagers vei 10.


You can apply online for renting a parking space at Nedre Berg student village. Please note that parking is only permitted at designated areas.

Apply for parking

Bicycle parking

There are two storage rooms for bicycles on the ground floor, by the staircase. You access these storage rooms with your house key. Make sure your bicycle is marked with a valid bicycle sticker. You get these at Sit Bolig's reception.


The laundry is located in the basement of Lars Onsagers vei 10. It is open between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. Use your laundry card to open the main door.

Using the laundry

Damages, defects and malfunctions

If you need to get in touch with our caretakers, or want to report a technical problem in your residence, you can submit your request online. Log in to, and select "Contact maintenance" from the menu.


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Services and fees

An overview of the most common services and fees

Moving, switching, subletting

Read more about moving between student villages and housings and how to sublet if you're going to study outside of Trondheim for a period of time or to perform military service in the Norwegian army.

Challenges as a resident

Do you find living in a shared kitchen to be challenging? Is cooperating with you neighbour difficult? Are you worried about someone you live with? Contact [email protected] and we will help you.