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Moholt student village

Moholt student village is Trondheim's largest student village. Moholt is renowned for a large, social and international student milieu.

Moholt student village
Moholt lies within walking and bicycling distance from Dragvoll and Gløshaugen.

Resident information


Internet is included in your rent.

Read more about Sit's Internet service

Waste disposal

For tenants in Herman Krags veg, Bregnevegen and Prestekrageveien: There are 8 waste disposal stations at Moholt student village. These are located by Herman Krags veg 12, 13, 22, 23, 37, 43 and 53, and Prestekragevegen 4.

For tenants in Moholt allmenning and Moholt alle: Please use the waste disposal stations connected to the garbage disposal system. These are located between Moholt allmenning 4/5 and 8/9/10, as well as in front of and behind Moholt alle 1 and 3. Here you can throw paper and residual waste. To open the hatches, you can use the same chip you use to access the laundry, or you can simply use any card fitted with RFID technology, such as most Visa cards, for example.
There are containers for plastic and cardboard waste located next to these stations as well.

There is a recycling station for hazardous household waste, glass and metal at the parking lot next to Bregnevegen 65.

If you need help disposing of large items, you can request assistance by logging on to and selecting "Contact maintenance" from the menu.

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Fuse box

The fuse box is located outside your apartment/shared kitchen, in the stairway.

Storage rooms

Most residents have access to a storage room on the ground floor or in the basement of their building. The private apartments have their own storage rooms.
Exception: In the renovated buildings in Moholt alle you do not have access to storage, but there is extra space for this in the private rooms / in the studio apartments. As a tenant with Sit, you can rent a basement storage room. These can be booked at


There are a limited number of parking spaces availble (see map). As a resident you can book a parking space in the Moholt area. You can only park at designated areas. You will be fined by Trondheim municipality's parking authority (Trondheim Parkering) if you park without permission.

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Parking for bicycles and baby carriages

There are designated areas for parking bicycles and baby carriages. Make sure your bicycle is labeled with a valid bicycle parking sticker. You get bicycle stickers from Sit Bolig's reception or at the Activity house.


The laundry at Moholt student village is located at Moholt allmenning 10. The washing machines have integrated washing detergents.

Using the laundry