Moholt student village

Moholt student village is Trondheim's largest student village. Moholt is renowned for a large, social and international student milieu.

Moholt student village from the air
Moholt lies within walking and bicycling distance from Dragvoll and Gløshaugen, and is near NTNU's campus at Moholt.

There's quite a bit of work activity at Moholt at the moment. Read more about the work being done here

Resident information


Internet is included in your rent. There is no WiFi, so you must provide your own network cable.

Waste disposal

There are 10 waste disposal stations at Moholt student village. These are located by Herman Krags veg 12, 13, 22, 23, 37, 43 and 53, at the bottom and top of Moholt alle, and Prestekragevegen 4.

There is a recycling station for dangerous waste and glass and metal at the parking lot next to Bregnevegen 65. If you need help disposing of large items, you can request assistance by logging on to and selecting "Contact maintenance" from the menu.

Fuse box

The fuse box is located outside your apartment/shared kitchen, in the stairway.

Storage rooms

All residents have access to a storage room on the ground floor or in the basement of their building. The private apartments have their own storage rooms.


There are a limited number of parking spaces availble (see map). As a resident you can apply for renting a parking space in the Moholt area. You can only park at designated areas. You will be fined by Trondheim municipality's parking authority (Trondheim Parkering) if you park without permission.

Read more about parking

Parkeringsplassene på Moholt-området

Parking for bicycles and baby carriages

There are designated areas for parking bicycles and baby carriages. Make sure your bicycle is labeled with a valid bicycle parking sticker. You get bicycle stickers from Sit Bolig's reception or at the Activity house.

Room for ski waxing

In the basement at Moholt alle 6 there is a room for waxing skis. You can access to this room by contacting the reception in Frode Rinnans veg 1.


The laundry at Moholt student village is located at Moholt allmenning 10. The washing machines have integrated washing detergents and fabric softener.

Using the laundries

Damages, defects and malfunctions

If you need to get in touch with our caretakers, or want to report a technical problem in your residence, you can submit your request online. Log in to, and select "Contact maintenance" from the menu.


Read more about cleaning

Services and fees

An overview of the most common services and fees

Moving, switching, subletting

Read more about moving between student villages and housings and how to sublet if you're going to study outside of Trondheim for a period of time or to perform military service in the Norwegian army.

Challenges as a resident

Do you find living in a shared kitchen to be challenging? Is cooperating with you neighbour difficult? Are you worried about someone you live with? Contact and we will help you.

Borrowing equipment and activities at the student village

At Moholt student village there is an Activity house in Bregnevegen 65. There you can borrow camp beds and other items, or drop by for a coffee, play board games and get to know your neighbours. The Activity house is run by the Resident assistants, who will gladly help you if you have any questions.

If your student group, or you and your friends, want to host an event at the Activity house, this is possible, as long as you follow the guidelines for using the house. Primarily this means that the event must be open to all students, alcohol free, and politically and religiously neutral. Also note that Resident assistants will always be present and on duty whenever Activity house is in use. Email for more information.

The Activity house is open on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 7 p.m. - 10 p.m., and Sundays 1 p.m. - 10 p.m. Keep up to date with what's happening at the Activity house on Facebook.

Contact the Resident assistants at Moholt student village

Student basements

There are several student basements at Moholt student village. These are used for social gatherings by the different student unions and volunteer organizations.