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Worrying involves a fear of what might happen in the future. It generally involves negative thoughts starting with “what if” and “imagine if”. While it’s quite normal to worry at times, this can be tiring when it occurs. Some people feel a “restless” feeling in their body and find it difficult to define what causes this, while others find it easier to pinpoint what they are worrying about.

Start with some good advice

How to cope with worrying thoughts?

Worrying is natural but can become tiring if the worrying thoughts take over. Here are some tips about how you can more easily control your worries.

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Studenter spør (Students ask)

Studenter spør (Students ask) is a free service for students. You can ask about anything, from anywhere, completely anonymously.

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Tackle worrying together with others

Stress management

What causes you stress and how do you react to it? Take part in a free course and learn more about what causes you stress and how you can deal with it.

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Tankevirus (Thought virus)

On their own, our thoughts are harmless. It’s how we react to our thoughts that can potentially take away our joy in everyday life. Attend a free course about tankevirus (thought virus) and learn more about how to deal with your negative thoughts.

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Body project

Gjennom sosiale medier blir vi eksponert for flere titalls bilder av unge og tilsynelatende perfekte kvinner. Body Project er en gratis samtalegruppe hvor unge kvinner jobber sammen for å skape et godt kroppsbilde for seg selv og andre.

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It helps to talk with someone

Conversation with a counsellor

Have you noticed that you are spending more time and effort worrying than you would like? If you want to talk to someone and reflect out loud, talking to a counsellor is a good place to start.

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Hjelpetelefonen (The help line)

Hjelpetelefonen (The help line) is a free and anonymous service from Mental Helse for those who need someone to talk to (available 24/7).

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Has this lasted for a while?

Short-term therapy

For most people, worries will go away on their own. However, for some, the worrying thoughts can get out of control. When such worries start to affect your life, it’s important that you contact us.

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