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Conversation with a counsellor

Foto: Sit/Kristian Thorsen
Do you need someone to talk with? Meet a safe and neutral conversation partner who you can reflect openly with. Our counsellors and public health nurses have considerable experience talking with students. They will listen to you and can offer advice and guidance if you need this.
This service is free for all students who have paid their semester fee to Sit.

No problems are too big or too small. Talk with us about what’s on your mind.

Examples of when you can contact us include when you:

  • have doubts about your relationship
  • miss your family and friends
  • find it hard to find your gang
  • feel new even though you are not new
  • find it difficult to be social and are afraid of saying or doing something wrong
  • worry about examinations
  • find it hard to find your way on your programme of study
  • need help to organise your thoughts
  • suffer from stress about not being able to get a job when you graduate
Foto: Sit/Kristian Thorsen

Unsure who to contact

If you are unsure what help you need, talking to a counsellor is the right place to start. This service is confidential and, if we see a need for follow-up, we can help you.

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