Sit has a wide range of health services for you as a student! Counselling services, free health centre for sexual health and more. 

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Do you need someone to talk to?

Our student life advisers are here for you, whenever you need someone to talk to. The have long experience and good knowledge of what being a student entail. With us, you will meet skilled advisers and public health nurses who will listen, give you room to reflect and offer advice if you want it. Everything you will share with us will remain confidental, and if we see that there is a need for further follow-ups, we will discuss this with you and can help you to get in touch with other, suitable health services.

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Services for you as a student:

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PS: Do not provide sensitive information through this form, or through SMS/email. // Do you have any questions concerning our health services, or other feedback? Don't hesitate to contact us.

We encourage you not to send confidential or sensitive information. Read more about how we handle these inquiries.

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