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Need someone to talk with?

Being a student is exciting, but at times challenging too. We understand most of the concerns that students have, so please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Sits healthcare services are a supplement to the public healthcare system. We have compiled an overview of helpful advice and support services, offering low-threshold conversations with advisors and short-term treatment with therapists. Our services are available to all students affiliated with the educational institutions we collaborate with.

When it´s urgent

If you have a serious mental illness, or require an urgent assessment, you should contact your GP.

If you require immediate medical assistance outside your GP’s opening hours, please contact the Out-of-hours medical service on 116 117. In an emergency, please call 113.

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First step

Hjelpetelefonen (The help line)

Hjelpetelefonen (The help line) is a free and anonymous service from Mental Helse for those who need someone to talk to (available 24/7).

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Studenter spør (Students ask)

Studenter spør (Students ask) is a free service for students. You can ask about anything, from anywhere, completely anonymously.

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Second step

Conversation with a counsellor

Meet one of our counsellors and talk about what you need. This service is free, and you can either meet us face-to-face or online.

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Conversation about your body, sex and identity

Meet one of our public health nurses and receive guidance on topics involving the body, sex or identity. This service is free, and you can either meet us at several campuses in in the space of a week.

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Conversation with the university chaplain or student humanist

Need a trusted conversation partner? If so, the university chaplains or the student humanists can be the right service for you.

Third step

Individual short-term therapy

When problems and distressing thoughts make it difficult for you to engage in study activities, short-term treatment with one of our practitioners may be right for you. All our practitioners are trained healthcare professionals with extensive experience: psychologists, psychiatric nurses, and clinical social workers. You need to apply for treatment and pay a deductible for this service.

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Group therapy

Group therapy is a service that is recommended for students receiving short-term therapy from one of our therapists. As the name suggests, this form of therapy takes place in groups.

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Other health services

Perhaps our health service is not suitable for you. We have also gathered and quality-checked a variety of services that may help you.

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