Individual and group therapy

We offer individual and group-based therapy. On this page, you will find information about the two forms of therapy and the various therapy groups.

The therapist will determine which form of treatment is best suited for you and your problem based on your responses in the application form and during the intake session.


Individual short-term therapy

Individual therapy takes place one-on-one between you and one of our therapists. We create a safe space where you can talk freely about the problem you sought help about.

Foto av Sit / Øystein Eugene Hermstad

Attending short-term therapy is a collaboration between you and your therapist. The therapist will assist you in this process, so that you can work together to better understand, relieve and master your challenges. This work will enable you to be better acquainted with yourself, your thoughts and your feelings.


Short-term group therapy

Many people are scared by the idea of sharing their innermost thoughts and experiences with a group of people. To put it simply, they are often sceptical about group therapy. However, group therapy offers several possibilities that don’t exist during one-on-one therapy. Working with others to tackle life challenges and problems can offer a feeling of relief and give you different perspectives.

Foto av Sit / Øystein Eugene Hermstad

Group therapy generally takes place in groups of six to eight students. Some of the groups are linked to specific topics, while others are more open and embrace several topics such as stress, worry and acceptance and commitment (ACT). The aim of all our therapy groups is helping you to feel better about yourself and function better in student life. During your intake session, our therapists will assess whether group therapy is appropriate for you. Group therapy is optional. 

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