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Apply for treatment

Before making an appointment with us, we need to assess whether our course of treatment is right for you and the problem you sought help about. You must be motivated for change and prepared to work on the problem including outside the therapy sessions.

Electronic application form

As part of the process of applying for treatment, you must fill in an electronic application form where you explain why you wish to contact us. As this involves providing personal and sensitive information about yourself, you will be asked to use your BankID to log in.

The following link will take you to the form.

NB! If you´re an international student and don´t have a Norwegian social security number, you can call us at +47 73 53 86 30

This form is in Norwegian only:

I have sent my application. What happens now?

When we have received your form, it will be reviewed at one of our intake sessions. These sessions are held several times each week. You will receive feedback about our assessment no later than one week after submitting the form. We will send this by SMS.

In this message, we will state what we believe will be the right treatment for you based on your needs. In cases where we don’t believe our treatment is right for you, we will state which service provider can help you.