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Short-term therapy

Life as a student includes ups and downs. Many people experience this and it’s completely normal. If your challenges start to create problems in your everyday life and make it hard to complete your studies, you should contact us. We create a safe space where you can talk freely.

Short-term therapy is a collaboration between you and your therapist. We work together to solve the problem you sought help about. You must be motivated for change and prepared to work on the problem including outside the therapy sessions.

You need to apply for treatment before booking an appointment with us. You pay a user fee of NOK 200 per appointment for the first four consultations. Additional consultations are free of charge.

Being a student can be demanding at times. Examples of when we recommend contacting us include when you:

  • feel you are alone and stuck with difficult thoughts
  • spend a lot of time worrying and find it difficult to stop the racing thoughts
  • struggle to fall asleep because the brooding takes over
  • feel that you are never good enough
  • get anxious about taking the bus or attending a lecture
  • have experienced something difficult earlier in your life that has a negative impact on your everyday life
  • are critical of yourself in interactions with others and often feel like a nuisance
  • are experiencing a lot of pressure and are unsure whether you can tackle it

When should I seek treatment?

If you are unsure what help you need, talking to a counsellor can be a good place to start. The student counselling service can help you to find the best path forward.

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If you can’t help me, where can I seek help?

Navigating through the multitude of support services can be confusing. Who should I contact and when? We have compiled an overview of other help services that may be relevant for you to contact.

Individual and group therapy

You will meet a multidisciplinary team of therapists. We have extensive experience helping students and utilise different approaches to help you with your problems.

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Where can I find you?