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General Practitioner (GP)

Sit does not have a separate GP service for students.

Should I change my GP?

If you are going to study over several years, we recommend that you change your GP to the municipality for your place of study. This applies in particular to those with chronic ailments, or to those who need regular and close follow-up by a doctor.

If you choose to keep the GP in your home municipality, you must use this when digital communication is considered sufficient.

What do I do if I don't have a GP in town and I need a physical examination?

Sit has reserved a limited number of medical hours for students at Øya medical center per week that can be used in this case. This can only be used by students who do not have a GP in the city and who need a physical examination. Contact the medical center directly to book an appointment.

In Gjøvik, contact Gjøvik kommune. In Ålesund, contact Ålesund kommune.

I am an international student, what applies to me?

International students without a social security number or with a D number will be able to use the same service as mentioned above.

International students who will be here for a longer period will be issued a social security number and must comply with the Norwegian GP scheme.

Will I get my former GP back if I move back home?

Students who move back to their former municipality of residence within three years are entitled to get their GP back even if the list is full.

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When it´s urgent

If you require an urgent assessment of your condition, you should contact your GP or medical centre. We recommend having your regular GP in the city you spend the most time in.

If you require immediate medical assistance outside your GP’s opening hours, please contact the Out-of-hours medical service on 116 117. In an emergency, please call 113.