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Most people experience loneliness at some stage during their life. It’s a basic feeling that expresses a need for closeness and a sense of belonging to other people. In many cases, feelings of loneliness can be perceived as feelings of not being seen and understood. As a new student in a new city, feeling lonely can feel extra painful.

Start with some good advice

Feeling lonely at your new place of study?

Are you new in town? Or has getting to know new people been a bigger challenge than you assumed before you started studying?

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Studenter spør (Students ask)

Studenter spør (Students ask) is a free service for students. You can ask about anything, from anywhere, completely anonymously.

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Handle loneliness together

Small talk and og network building

Do you find it hard to make small talk with strangers? Do you try to avoid such situations? We organise free courses for those who want to become more confident small talkers.

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Ønsker du å bli bedre kjent med deg selv, samtidig som du får støtte fra en gruppe? Dette er en gratis samtalegruppe hvor du får hjelp og støtte til å takle livet slik det er akkurat nå. Tema bestemmes av gruppen.

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Gutta prater(The boys chat)

Do you find it hard to talk about things that are happening in your life? Gutta prater (The boys chat) is a free conversation group where you can discuss life’s ups and downs together with fellow male students. The topics of conversation are decided by the group.

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It helps to talk with someone

Conversation with a counsellor

Putting your experiences and feelings into words and talking about them can help you to be more aware of what your feelings of loneliness tell you. If you want to talk to someone, talking to a counsellor is a good place to start.

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Hjelpetelefonen (The help line)

Hjelpetelefonen (The help line) is a free and anonymous service from Mental Helse for those who need someone to talk to (available 24/7).

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Has this lasted for a while?

When the usual experience of loneliness develops into something bigger and leads to you disconnecting from your social surroundings, it’s important that you contact us. If this is not dealt with in time, feelings of loneliness can lead to other and more serious problems such as anxiety and depression.

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