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Tankevirus (Thought virus)




Mastery course

This course is for those who want to participate in a useful and fun program where you will learn how your thoughts and attention affect your mood and actions.

Course information

  • Duration: 3 dager, 2 timer hver gang

  • Places: 12

  • Price: Free of charge. A no-show fee of NOK 400 will be applied if you fail to attend without notice.

Tankevirus is suitable for everyone – whether you want to learn more about how psychology affects us in daily life, or you are struggling with mild depression and anxiety.

Course Content:

  • Understanding normal functioning and how common it is to have negative thoughts.
  • Recognizing that thoughts themselves are harmless; it is our reactions to them that can potentially take away our joy and, in the worst cases, make us ill.
  • Knowledge of different thought viruses and training in identifying them in yourself.
  • Effective ways to deal with your thoughts so you can function better, even during periods of many negative thoughts.
  • Reducing rumination and worry.

The course is developed by Norwegian psychologists and researchers and is based on the basic principles of cognitive behavioural therapy.

Course leaders

  • Profilbilde av Marit R. Lund

    Marit er utdannet barnehagelærer og har videreutdanning innen personal-og organisasjonsutvikling, veiledning, prosessledelse og kognitiv terapi. Hun har lang erfaring fra å jobbe med studenter og mestring. Dette både individuelt og i gruppe. Hun leder mange av mestringskursene i Sit.