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Time and stress management




Mastery course

What causes stress for you and how do you react to stress?

Course information

  • Duration: 2 hours

  • Places: 12

  • Price: Free


Gain knowledge on how to handle stress and stressful situations more effectively, and learn some good relaxation techniques.

Course Content

  • Stress – what is it?
  • Early signs of stress
  • What causes stress for you?
  • How to better manage stress?
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Dialogue and individual reflection

Course leaders

  • Nina holds a master's degree in literature from NTNU and has further education in relationship management, guidance, and process management. She has many years of experience as a student counselor and in working with psychosocial work environments. Today, she works as a student life advisor at Sit.

  • Kristin is a trained nurse, with further education as a public health nurse. She leads courses in depression management and stress management. In addition, she works with other health-promoting initiatives for students.

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