The student kindergartens

Sit runs Dragvoll and Moholt student kindergartens, with approximately 250 children from ages 0–6 years.

Moholt Kindergarten
Dragvoll Kindergarten

Our kindergartens are international with children from many different nations. We emphasize multilingualism and language developement in our pedagogic strategy.

Our staff know the special needs of student parents. Through dialogue we find practical solutions to make your academic life easier. Students from all over the world choose Sit kindergartens, so your child will be part of an international community. You will meet other student parents, and have the opportunity to join a community where everyone is in the same situation.

Student kindergarten is a welfare service to students who pay semester fee to Sit. The kindergartens are a student political measure that helps ensure equal access to education. If you live in another municipality, you may still use our kindergartens and studentoriented offers.

Services tailored to student parents

We have services suited for student parents, unlike ordinary kindergartens.

  • Children under the age of 1 year can attend kindergarten.
  • If you need more time to study, your child can use the Cultural workshop in the evenings and on Saturdays. If your child has a place in one of our kindergartens, we can take your child to the cultural workshop.
  • If your child is sick on the day of your exam, we may help you.
  • Do you have practice longer than the opening hours in the kindergarten? We may assist with extended opening hours.
  • English class: additional language stimulation for children aged 3–6 years


The teachers in kindergarten provides for learning environments with challenges. This awakens the child's curiosity and desire to seek knowledge.

Attending the kindergarten, your child will experience skills in mathematics, logic, physics, arts and crafts, engineering, drama, music, philosophy and literature.

Your child will also learn the principals of democracy through experiencing friendship, helpfulness, collaboration and develop skills in how to comunicate respectfully with other children and adults.

 Framework plan for our kindergartens

Planning days

During the kindergarten year 2021/2022 the kindergartens will be closed the following dates due to planning:

  • 13. August   2021
  • 15. October  2021
  • 27. January  2022
  • 28. January  2022
  • 24. June       2022

Opening hours 

Moholt and Dragvoll kindergarten will be closed for 3 weeks in the summer, Week 28,29 and 30

Cultural workshop last day open before summer holiday will be 12. June. Start up 18. August 

Open kindergarten last day open before summer holiday will be 17. June.   Start up 19.August


Moholt kindergarten

The kindergarten has a beautiful location at Moholt student village.

Qualifications, experience and knowledge among employees makes us confident that children and parents will see quality of interaction in everyday life. Moholt kindergarten gives us various rooms and facilities that will ensure the safety, play and learning for the children. We get several exciting venues, where children can express themselves and gain experience and new knowledge. We have an area where they can explore with water. Several venues facilitated for cultural experiences in music, theater and dance and different workshops for creative activities in general.

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Dragvoll Barnehage

The kindergarten is located close to NTNU Dragvoll, with Children aged 0–6 years.

The kindergarten has a primary focus on movement, language learning, song and music enjoyment and creativity. The children can unfold in many different activities, and get to know the feeling of mastery in various venues.

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