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Sit has the best training offer for students in Trondheim.

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Student in Trondheim?

Then you should join Sit Trening! We have the best training offer for students in Trondheim. With us, you get access to five modern fitness and sport centers, with long opening hours and a varied number of group fitness classes close to the biggest campuses and student villages, at a reasonable price.

A training offer for students:

A training offer for students:

You have different types of memberships you can choose from: 

The international student

– choose between a 6-month or 1-month membership paid-in-full (for you that don't have a Norwegian bank account). 

The predictable student

– choose a membership with a fixed term from 185 NOK per month (12 months fixed term). 

The flexible student

– choose a membership without a fixed term from 265 NOK per month. 


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