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What happens if I lose my house key?

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Almost nobody is better than a student at losing house keys, so what happens if you lose the key to your Sit apartment?

How do locks and keys work in Sit?

At some of Sit's student villages, what we call the boundary protection (gates, entrance doors, etc.) has its own lock system, sometimes accessed with a digital access chip. However, at most places you access the boundary protection using your house key.

If you live in a shared kitchen, every tenant's key fits the entrance door to the apartment, while only your own key fits the door to your room.

So what happens then, if I lose my house key?

Then there's a key that gives entrance to your building, your shared kitchen and your room that is missing; somewhere out there is an object that allows entrance to all these places, and neither you nor we know anything more than this for certain.

That is, you can be certain that you lost your key at sea while boating, but we can't. This is why we have quite strict rules for what happens next:

You can borrow a spare key for free for up to one - 1 - week. If you find your house key during this week, you return the spare key, and everything is in order.

If your key has not been found by the end of one week, we have to change all the locks that could be accessed by the lost key. This could be a single lock, or it could be many, depending on what lock system your key was a part of. This is expensive, and you have to cover all or part of this expense yourself. We have set an upper limit of NOK 5000 for how much of the cost you have to cover yourself, even though the real cost of changing the locks can be far higher. If the cost is lower than NOK 5000, you only pay the actual cost, of course.

I was smart and simply copied my own key!

We label all our keys with a code. If you copy you house key illegally (yes, it is actually illegal for anyone but the house owner to copy the house key), this will be uncovered when you return the key when you move out, and you will still have to cover the cost of changing the locks.

I've lost my access chip, will that also cost me 5000 NOK?

No, these access chips are digitally coded and can be cancelled. If you lose your access chip, you notify us as soon as possible, we cancel your old chip, and you simply pay the cost of a new chip.

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