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Withdrawal right, withdrawal period and information on how to use the withdrawal right

When you sign a tenancy agreement without having been in personal contact with Sit as a lessor, you have the right to withdraw the tenancy agreement within 14 days after the agreement was signed without giving any reason.

You have to give Sit an unambiguous message that you want to use your right of withdrawal within 14 days after signing the agreement. The notification can be easily given by logging into "My page" at and selecting "Use right of withdrawal».

Consequences of using the right of withdrawal

If you have signed a tenancy agreement that starts before the right of withdrawal period has expired, you are obliged to pay rent from and including the date of the start of the tenancy agreement until and including the date you give notice that you want to use the right of withdrawal.

In addition to this, Sit must repay other rent we have received from you, without undue delay and no later than 14 days after we received notification of your decision to use the right of withdrawal.

Refunds are made via the same means of payment that you used and to the account number you provide. Sit will not charge any fee for the repayment.