Training in Gjøvik

The gym

At Gjøvik gym you will find everything you need for a good workout

  • strength training equipment: free weights, dumbbells and machines 
  • a cardio room with treadmills, bicycles, stairmaster and row machines
  • mats, medicin balls and other smaller equipment 

Group training and training advisors

Included in your membership you can also attend group classes.

  • Stærk! Cirquit training focusing on strength and some cardio. Located in the gym. 
  • Yoga: a class suitable for everyone, even beginners.

See the schedule and book here. 

All members also get 2 free appointmenst with a training advisor. Here you can ask all the questions you might have, get a training programme or get your technique checked. 

Swimming and climbing

In Fjellhallen you could both use the pool and the climbing wall for free when you are a Sit member. Please bring your gym card and show the yellow NTNUI sticker uppon arrival.

Guest training

All student members train for free at other studentsamskipnader (student gyms) in Norway, for example in Bergen, Stavanger or Oslo. Read more about guest training here.  


As a student you will also get a membership in the student sportsteam of NTNU (NTNUI Gjøvik) included. They arrange a variety of sports around campus.