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Become a member - Gjøvik gym

Gjøvik gym - only online payment. 

Prices school year 2019/2020

Half year memberships for the spring are valid until 10th of August 2020. Memberships for the whole academic year are only sold during the fall semester.

Whole year (incl. NTNUI Gjøvik) 1 800,–
Half year (incl. NTNUI Gjøvik) 1 150,–
1 month  350,–
Whole year 2 200,–
Half year 1 400,–
1 month  450,–
External members  
Whole year 2 700,–
Half year 1 800,–

Access card

Students and employees at NTNU use their NTNU card as access card to the gym. Others will receive a separate Sit gym card at their first visit.

  • After purchasing the membership you'll have to activate your card to get access to the facilities. 
  • This can be done in the reception at the gym when staffed, or by contacting Lisa Svisdal during daytime:
  • Please bring a valid semester sertificate. 
  • Bring your access card to every workout. You may also have to show ID. If you forget your card you will only get access by providing ID.
  • The membership and access card is personal, and is strictly forbidden to lend your card to others.