Sit Soppen Kindergarten

The kindergarten is located in the middle of campus Kallerud. We have a large outdoor area where the children can play both summer and winter. You can rent the kindergarten for birthday parties.

We accept children aged 0–6 years. Kvisthula with 22 places for children aged 3-6 years, and Musebolet with 14 places for children aged 0–2 years.

Apply for kindergarten

Apply for kindergarten through Gjøvik municipality. Apply before March 1st.

Apply for kindergarten (Norwegian only)

Exam guarantee

If your child is sick on your exam day, or you are having an exam on one of our planning days, we can babysit your child.


  • Monthly price: NOK 3000
  • Monthly price food: NOK 350 (lunch, milk and fruit)
  • 25% price moderation for sibling No. 2
  • 75% price moderation for sibling No. 3

Admission criteria

Everyone can apply, but children of students have first priority.

  • Children of students will be prioritized at the main admission.
  • Children with disabilities.
  • Children/family that have been recommended a place based on academic assessment.
  • Siblings of children that already have a place in our kindergarten.
  • At admission there shall be made an overall assessment of the child's situation and the environment in the kindergarten.