Please note! Due to the infection situation consultations/appointments can at times take place digitally. You can read more about our digital consultation service here

All of us can experience difficult periods at some point in our lives and then it can be good to talk to a neutral individual.

Don’t be afraid to contact us! We offer short-term psychotherapy for mild to moderate mental health problems.

If you have serious mental health problem, please contact your GP and ask for a referral to the specialist health service.

Photo by: unsplash w/Priscilla Du Preez 

How to book an appointment

It’s our counsellors who assess whether psychotherapy is the right service for you or whether we think you will get better help elsewhere. Sometimes we can recommend services from other therapists or agencies.

Contact our counsellors by phone to book an appointment:

  • Inger Festad:+47 97 11 18 12
  • Jorunn Reinsvollsveen: +47 41 47 68 96

Emergency care

Sit doesn’t offer any emergency services. It’s your GP who is your main contact with the Norwegian health service. contact your local out-of-hours medical centre on 116 117 when the GP is unavailable, and you need immediate medical assistance. In the event of an accident or serious incident where you need emergency medical assistance, you should call 113.

You can also contact Innlandet Hospital’s outpatient emergency team for people in acute mental crisis.

I’m an exchange student, how can I get help?

Contact the local health service at the place you’re studying. Are you a member of ANSA? Read more about their service here.