PT-intro Ålesund


– a free training offer for you as a student!

When you become a student member, you can book one free introductory session with one of our qualified personal trainers (PTs).

Regardless of your training background or starting point, we recommend that you take advantage of this offer. During the session our PT will give you good advice on how to achieve your fitness goal. The PT can also show you around at your self-selected fitness centre and answer any questions you might have about individual training, group classes or training with a personal trainer. 

Photo: Sit | Øystein Hermstad
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Photo: Sit | Øystein Hermstad
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Get a tailored fitness program and close follow-up with one of our PTs. Book and buy your PT-session with us today.

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Photo: Sit | Øystein Hermstad

For you that wants to work out with a friend! Motivate each other and share the expenses of the PT-session between you.

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