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To workout at our gym in Ålesund you must buy your membership online.

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Prices 2020/2021

Half year memberships for the spring semester are valid until 10th of August 2021. Memberships for the whole academic year are only sold during the autumn semester and are valid until 10th of August 2021.

Regular prices

One year (with NTNUI Ålesund membership) 1 950,–
One semester (with NTNUI Ålesund membership) 1 200,–
1 month 350,–
Punch card, 10 trainings 500,–
One year 2 440,–
One semester 1 500,–
1 month 450,–
Punch card, 10 trainings 500,–
Others (partners of employees or students)  
One year 2 990,–
One semester 1 900,–
Punch card, 10 trainings 750,–


Students and employees at NTNU use their student card/employee card as keycard at our training facilities. Others use a Sit-training card.

  • You need to activate your card to get access to the training facilities. You can do this at the reception when it's staffed, or contact us to make an appointment; [email protected]  
  • Bring a valid semester card/employee card to activate your keycard.
  • Bring keycard and ID each time you excercise at the gym. If you forget your card you must show your ID to get access when the reception is open.
  • Your membership is personal and may not be shared with others.