Fitness centre in Ålesund

A varied and student-friendly training offer for you as a student.

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Are you studying in Ålesund and wondering where you should work out?

As a member, you'll get free access to our fitness centre which is centrally located on NTNU's campus and is tailored for your life as a student. You'll also have access to several group fitness classes and a studio with up-to-date and high quality equipment. We also collaborate closely with NTNU's sports association NTNUI. The NTNUI membership is included in our most affordable student gym membership. 

Does it sound good? Well, it gets better. The prices of our memberships is well adaptet to the student wallet: 

From 175 NOK per month | Student 12 months. Fixed term

From 250 NOK per mon | Student without a fixed term

Opening of our new fitness centre!

Monday 15th of August we will open a completely new fitness center on campus!

The fitness centre will be a social meeting place for you as a student where you can both engage in activity and training, as well as be with friends and meet other students.

The fitness center will contain dedicated areas for cardio and strength training, as well as a room for group fitness classes. The center will also be closely connected to NTNU's sports hall and changing rooms. Here you will have many choices – whether you love strength, cardio or group training.

Contact us

Contact us

Reception: +47 485 07 262

Email Sit Ålesund gym

Opening hours

  • Gym 05.00-23.00
  • Administration 08.00 – 15.30

Larsgårdsvegen 2
6009 Ålesund

Questions and feedback

Do you have any questions concerning our fitness centers, or other feedback? Don't hesitate to contact us.

We encourage you not to send confidential or sensitive information. Read more about how we handle these inquiries.

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