Don´t worry, student!


The student years are a rollercoaster of adventures and challenges, and we at Sit work every day to ensure that you will remember this epic time as something very special – the wonderful years! Naturally, there will be some ups and downs along the way. That’s the case for everyone. But you should know that we at Sit are here for you, ready to throw services and offers at you.

Do you need a good place to live? We have student housing that will quickly become your cosy den! Wait, if you have a mini version of yourself in your life, we have student kindergartens that offer you an exam guarantee. Don’t let nappy changing disturb your exam.

Exercise is important for brain and body. At our fitness centres, you will get a great workout without straining your wallet. Seriously, without food and drink, even a super student like you can’t function properly. Make sure you check out our canteens and cafés because we have cool food and drinks that will give you superpowers for your studies!

If life throws some extra challenges at you, don’t despair! We offer counselling, courses to help you cope and a whole bunch of other health services that can help you. We are here for you, every step of the way.

So, good luck with your studies, wonderful student! We are cheering for you and are always here to help you make these years memorable and amazing.


Greetings from the entire team at Sit

Experts in student life since 1948

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