Yoga courses

Sit Idrett offers yoga courses and yoga drop in classes.

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Drop in classes

Yoga1 (60 minutes)

An easy slow flow class suitable for all levels. 

Yoga2 (75 minutes)

A bit more challenging than Yoga1: longer duration, higher pace and the level of some of the asanas combined gives you a more challenging class.  

You can register for our drop in classes via online booking

Ashtanga yoga (110 minutes)

A powerful yoga style. The practice is set, here you will be guided through the first series. 

Power&Restore (75 minutes)

The best of both worlds! Powerful vinyasa with a longer restorative endring. A physical demanding class, but not difficult. 


A slow flow class suitable for everyone. 


Yoga courses

A yoga course gives you an opportunity to evolve your own practice with guidance from the instructor. 
Courses will be published by the start of every semester. 

Important before you sign up:

  • Course fee: 50 NOK
  • Duration: 75-90 mins from 6-8 weeks.
  • You also need a membership to get access to the facilites, or buy a day ticket before each class. 
  • The courses run once a week.
  • Attendance is mandatory at the courses. If you know you won't be able to make it every time, we recommend yoga drop in classes and not a course.
  • If you want to sign off a course please send an email to
  • There are two different levels:

Level 1 courses - beginner 

Suitable for everyone who have none or little experience with yoga, or if you want a more thorough basic practice.

Where Day When Start date Teacher Weeks
Gløshaugen Tuesdays 15.15–16.40 October 6th Ebru 8
Gløshaugen Wednesdays  15.15–16.45 September 23rd Ebru 8
Portalen Thursdays 18.00–19.15 September 10th Kristine I 6

Sign up for a course here! 


Level 2 courses - intermediate 

A bit more challenging, and suits everyone with some or more yoga experience. Ex: if you have attended Yoga drop in for a while or completed a beginners course, then this is the course for you.

Where Day When Start date Teacher Weeks
Portalen Tuesdays 19.00–20.30 September 8th El Ri 8
Gløshaugen Tuesdays  16.55–18.20 September 22nd Ebru 8

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