Terms and guidelines at the gyms

Entrance – membership card

  • All NTNU students and employees use their NTNU card. The first time you enter, please ask the receptionist to connect your card and gym membership. All other members will receive a Sit gym card.
  • Your membership card must be registered every time you enter one of the gyms. If you forget your card you will have to provide ID to enter. If you forget your card two times after one another you must provide your card the third time or buy a day pass.
  • Your membership and entrance card is personal and can not be used by anyone else. If abuse occurs, the used card will be restricted.
  • You may have to show ID upon arrival.  
  • If you loose your card you can buy a new one for 50 NOK. 
  • The lower age limit for becoming a member is 16 years.  
  • If you are between 13–16 y.o. you may enter in the company of an adult and by purchasing an external day pass.

Booking classes

Read more about how to book, how to cancel, what to do when arriving, etc.

Changing rooms and lockers

  • You may bring your own pad lock or you can buy one at the front desk. Lockers are for day use only, all remaining pad locks will be removed every evening.
  • At closing time you have 15 minutes to get in the shower and get changed.

Hygiene, shoes, clothing and cleaning

  • Clean indoor shoes only. For hygienic reasons it is not allowed to use the gyms barefoot.
  • We recommend t-shirts and you are welcome to bring a towel.
  • Whipe used equipment. You will find soap spray and paper towels in the gyms.
  • Please restack used equipment.
  • The lost and found bin is emptied every Friday. Valuables will be kept for a longer period, please contact the reception.


  • All members must accept the terms of Antidoping Norge and the programme Rent senter.
  • It is strictly forbidden to bring alcohol or use alcohol in the gyms. You can not enter in affected state.

Your duty as a member is to follow the guidelines and rules of our gyms. We reserve the right to exclude persons who are not following the rules. In case of violation your membership will be determined immediately with no refund. All training takes plase at your own risk.

Pay attention to your co-trainers and help us to create a healthy and nice environment here at Sit!