Rules and terms

Our rules and terms

Here you'll find all the information you need about our membership terms, code of conduct, booking rules and doping policy.

This is included in your membership

When you buy a membership with us, you can use all seven of our training centers across our three student cities Trondheim, Gjøvik and Ålesund. As a member, you can freely use the fitness studios or take part of one of our group fitness classes. In addition to this, we also offer a number of fitness and exercising courses and activites, climbing, PT-services and squash at an additional cost. 

Only students, employees at Sit og educational institutions we collaborate with, as well as some selected external groups, are able to buy one of our memberships. You must be 16 years of age to be able to purchase a membership with us. 

Photo: Sit / Kristian Thorsen
General membership terms
  • Sit Trening is part of the Student Welfare Organisation Sit. The membership terms are part of the membership agreement between the person named in the agreement and Sit Trening, and must be approved when purchasing a membership.
  • As a member, it is your duty to familiarise, follow and adhere to the rules and regulations which can be found under "Sports" on 
  • We reserve the right to exclude persons who do not follow the rules and terms for using our fitness and sports facilites. In the event of a breach of conduct, we remain the right to terminate your membership contract with immediate effect, without the obligation to refund the paid membership fee.
  • We reserve the right to adjust our opening hours and the access to our facilities to ensure good quality of cleaning and operations, as well as make seasonal adjustments. In special cases, some centres may be kept closed for a shorter period of time.
  • All training takes place at your own risk. 
  • You can find the general terms and conditions for a Sit Trening gym membership here
Code of conduct

We want all our members to have a good training experience, and we therefore ask everyone to contribute to creating a good and healthy training environment.

TRENING Code of conduct

General behaviour

  • All members, visitors, and members of staff should at all times display mutual respect for each other.
  • It is not permitted to photograph, film or post anything of other members without consent. 
  • Only Sit staff is allowed to instruct or train members in our fitness and sports centers. 

Gymnasium use

  • All members must ensure that they wipe down and put equipment back in place after use. 
  • Wear clean shoes. Training in socks is allowed, but for hygienic reasons it is not allowed to train barefoot in our training facilites. 
  • Appropriate clean exercise clothing and shoes must be worn whilst exercising. We encourage members to wear a t-shirt/singlet that covers the abdomen and back. Exercising in sports bras or bare upper body is not allowed. Feel free to bring a towel. 
  • It is only permitted to use water-based handball adhesives or spray adhesives in our sports halls.

Lockers and forgotten belongings

  • Our lockers may only be used to keep your belongings during your workout in the day/evening. All lockers will be emptied after closing time. Any belongings will be removed and kept in the reception area.
  • You can use a private lock or your membership card (only at Gløshaugen sports centre) to lock in your belongings.
  • Forgotten belongings will be emptied every Friday. Valuables are stored for longer, contact the reception if you miss something.

Booking rules

TRENING how to book

Book and confirm – group exercise classes

  • You can pre-book classes 48 hours in advance.
    For example: if the class you want to attend is on Tuesday 3.15pm, you can pre-book this class on Sunday from 3.15pm. 
  • When you arrive: register your card at the reception and the booking terminal.
    • You will then receive a receipt.
    • Bring this with you to the instructor. 
  • You have to collect your receipt no later than 5 minutes before the class begins. After this you lose your place and get a "not met" dot.

Book group exercise classes here


  • Cancelling must be done no later than 60 minutes before the class/session begins.
  • If you cancel after the 60-minute mark, you'll receive a "not met" dot.
  • If you are on the waiting list, but don't have the opportunity to attend the class on short notice, you must cancel your booking beforehand. The 60-minute mark also applies here. 

Waiting list

  • If a class is fully booked, you can put yourself on the waiting list. 
  • If someone cancels and a spot becomes available, you will receive an SMS. 
  • Those who have a booking must show up for the class no later than 5 minutes before and confirm their place.
    • If someone with a booking does not show up or is late, this place will go to the first person on the waiting list.
    • This means that you can get a spot up to 5 minutes before the time you want to attend.
  • If you have not been given a place in advance, but still want to be on the waiting list:
    • Arrive at the center no later than 10 minutes before the class starts and register your card in the booking terminal, to confirm the waiting list spot.
    • You will then receive an SMS 5 minutes before the class starts if someone else does not show up and their place becomes available.
  • If you do not intend to come by the center and hope for a place, you must unsubscribe from the waiting list no later than 60 minutes before the class starts. 

"Not met" – the dot system

  • If you book a class, but you don't participate or forget to confirm your booking, you get a "not met" dot.
  • You need to confirm your booking no later than 5 minutes before the class starts in order to avoid a "not met" dot. 
  • If you cancel your booking less than 60 minutes before your booking start, you will receive a "not met" dot.
  • If you receive 3 dots in 30 days (1 month), you will be excluded from our online booking system until the first dot is older than 30 days. 
  • If you are excluded you can still book a class; either through our booking terminals or by contacting the reception.
  • The "not met" rules applies for all types of booking; group exercise classes, PT-intro or squash/sports halls. 

Book sports halls or squash courts

  • The sports halls are free to book. You need to pay 25,- to rent a squash court for 30 minutes, this applies to both members and non-members. This is paid at the sports center.
  • You can book the halls and courts 2 days in advance, from 9pm.
    • ​Max. three 30-minute slots per day, per member.
  • Cancelling must be done no later than 60 minutes before the class/session begins. If you cancel after the 60-minute mark, you'll receive a "not met" dot.
  • If you receive 3 dots in 30 days (1 month), you will be excluded from our online booking system until the first dot is older than 30 days. If you are excluded you can still book a hall or court; contact the reception at Dragvoll sports center.
  • Registration and payment must be made at the reception no later than 5 minutes before the session starts. If you do not show up, the time can be allocated to others.
  • Everyone who are attending the session must have a membership with Sit, or buy a daily pass.

Book a sports hall here.

Book a squash court here.


We want a safe and clean training environment at our fitness- and sports centres. The points below apply to everyone who buys a membership, daily pass or guest pass in relation to campaign periods. 

  • Members of our fitness- and sports centers are subject to the doping rules of Antidoping Norway and the programme for “safe and doping-free gyms”.
  • There is zero tolerance for bringing, using or being under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol in any of our training facilities.
  • You will be denied access to our fitness- and sports centers if you are intoxicated.