We want you to have best training experience possible at our gyms, and therefore ask everyone to be respectful of their fellow “workout mates”. Together, we’ll be able to create a great and healthy training environment.

  • As a member, you are obliged to stay informed and comply with the terms and guidelines which apply for all our facilities.
  • Any person who does not comply with the terms and guidelines may be ejected from, or denied access to our gyms. We also remain the right of terminating your membership if the non-compliance is serious.
  • All training takes place at your own risk.

Sports terms and guidelines

Training during COVID-19

All our gyms are temporarily closed because of the current situation with COVID-19. As of today, the Norwegian government have allowed organised outdoor activities for groups up to 20 people.  

We are following the recommendations from the health department, and hope that you will contribute by following the guidelines we have set for our outdoor activities.

Outdoor group classes

  • Don’t sign up for a class or cancel your booking if you’re feeling ill or have a cold.
  • Please keep in mind the government’s rules and keep 1-2 meters distance to the other attendees who are not from the same household as you.
  • Don’t swap any equipment during the class.
  • Thoroughly wash your hands before and after the session.

Outdoor PT-sessions

  • Although you’re only two people, keeping your distance is still important. Make sure that you keep 1-2 meters distance throughout the entire session.
  • Please cancel your session if you’re feeling ill or have a cold.
  • Thoroughly wash your hands before and after the session.

Membership and access to the gyms

What does it imply to be a member?

 When you buy one of our memberships, you’ll get access to all our gyms.

Who can buy a membership?

  • All students who have paid the semester fee to a student welfare organisation in Norway.
  • Employees at educational institutions affiliated with Sit, in addition to employees at SINTEF.
  • Alumni who’ve had a gym membership with us the previous year/semester.
  • Partner/spouse of a student/employee who has an active gym membership with us.

What’s the age limit for becoming a member?

You have to be 16 years old or older to buy one of our memberships. If you are between 13 and 16 years old, you can access the gyms by buying a daily pass for 150 NOK. All junior members must be accompanied by an adult member who is their parent or legal guardian.

How do I access the gyms?

  • The first time you are going to the gym after purchasing a membership, you need to get a receptionist to activate a membership card for admission. If you are a student, you have to show a valid student ID in order to activate your membership card.
  • If you are a student or employee at NTNU, you can use your NTNU-card to access the gyms. All other members get their own membership card.
  • At each visit, you need to tap your card on the card reader in the reception area, or at the front door at our no-frills gyms. 
  • If you lose or damage the card, it will be blocked. We activate new NTNU-cards for free, while there is a fee of 100 NOK for replacing a lost or damaged membership card.

What happens if I lend my membership card to others?

Your card and membership are personal, and can't be used by others.

If the membership card is misused, your membership will be suspended for 14 days. If you want to exercise during this period, you must buy a daily pass for each time. To reactivate your membership after 14 days, you’ll have to pay a fee of 100 NOK.

I forgot my membership card; can I access the gym anyways?

Yes, you can access the gyms with a reception if you have proof of ID with you. If you forget your membership card more than two times in a row, you must buy a daily pass in order to access the gym. 

Do you offer free trials?

No, we don’t have free trial passes. Throughout the year we have several campaigns with periods of free training. If you want to try out our training offer outside these campaigns, we recommend buying a daily pass for 100 NOK for students/employees or 150 NOK for others. Contact one of our receptions if this is something you’d like to buy.

Gym rules

Hygiene and cleaning guidelines

  • Always wipe down the gym equipment after use. You can find stations with spray bottles and paper towels in all our facilities.
  • Please ensure that you tidy and put equipment and weights back after use.
  • Wear clean gym shoes that doesn’t swell. Training in socks is allowed, but for hygienic reasons it is not allowed to exercise in the barefoot.
  • We encourage our members to wear clean gym clothes and t-shirts that cover the abdomen and back. Please bring a towel.
  • You may only use water-based handball adhesives or spray adhesives in our sports halls.

Lockers and forgotten belongings

  • Our lockers may only be used to keep your belongings during your workout in the day/evening. All lockers will be emptied after closing time. Any belongings will be removed and kept in the reception area.
  • Forgotten belongings will be emptied every Friday. Valuables are stored for longer, contact the reception if you miss something.
  • You can use a private lock or your membership card (only at Gløshaugen sports centre) to lock in your belongings.

Booking rules for classes, squash, training advise sessions etc.

With an active membership you can book group classes, training advise- and PT-sessions, sports halls or squash courts.

You can find more information about how the booking system works, how to book and cancel within the timeframe set, the waiting list system, and what happens if you fail to attend a class.  


We want all our members to be part of a safe and doping-free environment. The points below apply to everyone who buys a membership, daily pass or guest pass with regards to campaign periods.

  • Members of our gyms are subject to the doping rules of Antidoping Norway and the programme for “safe and doping-free gyms”.
  • You may not bring, use or be under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol in any of our gym facilities.
  • You will be denied access to our gyms if you are intoxicated.

Guest membership

Are you a student and have a membership with us? Then, you can workout for free at various student welfare organisations’ sport- and fitness centres across Norway. Read more about the agreement here.