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Would you like to have access to seven fitness and sport centers close to campus and the largest student villages and accommodations? We have five fitness- and sports centers in Trondheim, one in Gjøvik and one in Ålesund.

As a member of Sit Trening, you get access to a wide range of training at good student, employee and external prices.

Photo: Sit / Kristian Thorsen
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Our memberships

Our memberships

Sports membership included for NTNU, DMMH og BI

Student 12 months fixed term

230,– per month
  • Monthly payments
  • 12 months fixed term
  • 50 NOK sign-up fee
  • 50 NOK yearly contingent for the sports association
  • 2 months of free freeze within the first year
  • 1 month notice period after the fixed term
Sports membership not included

Student no fixed term

275,– per month


  • Monthly payments
  • No fixed term
  • Cancellation: 1 month notice period
  • 50 NOK sign-up fee
  • 1 month of free freeze per year
Sports membership not included

Student 1 month paid-in-full



  • Valid for 1 month
  • Ends automatically
  • No sign-up fee
Day pass

Student drop-in

100,– per entry

Visit one of our fitness- and sports centres for a day!

A drop-in pass is suitable for you who:

  • are curious about our offer and want to test out the training offer for a day.
  • If you have friends and family visiting and want to bring them along.
  • If you are travelling through our town and want a quick workout.