Personal trainers

What is a personal trainer?

A personal trainer will develop a training program customized to your wishes and needs, and will guide and push you during the sessions. Everyone could benefit from a personal trainer, even experienced athletes. We have committed and well qualified personal trainers who will gladly help you to reach your goals.

Please contact sports concultant Are Trøan to book a PT session: [email protected]

He can also be contacted if you have any general questions regarding our personal trainers or the sessions.


  Students Non-students
1 session 625 NOK 725 NOK
3 sessions 1725 NOK (575 NOK per session)  2025 NOK (675 NOK per session)
5 sessions 2750 NOK (550 NOK per session) 3250 NOK (650 NOK per session)
10 sessions 5250 NOK (525 NOK per session)  6250 NOK (625 NOK per session)
20 sessions 10 000 NOK (500 NOK per session) 12 000 NOK (600 NOK per session)
40 sessions 19 400 NOK (485 NOK per session) 23 400 NOK (585 NOK per session)