How to use the booking system

With an active membership and profile here at you can book classes online.

Idrett ENG how to book

Book your place at gym

  • Now you have to book your place at our gyms! You can book a 45-minute slot from 9pm, two days before the time slot begins.
  • It is important that you I arrive within the time slot you’ve booked. If you want to work out for longer than 45 minutes, please book several slots in a row.  
  • On arrival: register your card at the reception, then your place will be automatically registered.
  • You do not need to register your place at the booking terminal, and you will not receive a receipt as for group classes. If you have forgotten your training card, contact the reception.
  • If it is fully booked, you can join the waiting list. If a slot becomes available, you’ll receive an SMS.
  • Remember to cancel your booking if you can’t work out at the time slot selected, so that someone else can book your place instead.

Book your place at the gym here.  

How to book group sessions online

  • Create a user here at
  • You can sign up for group sessions from 9 pm two days ahead.
  • Waiting list: you can sign up on a waiting list if the session is already full. When a place becomes available you will get a SMS, and you pick up your ticket 5 minutes before the session starts.
  • Cancelling a reservation must at the latest be done 60 minutes before the session starts. If you delete a reservation later than 60 minutes before a class you get a dot. This way members at the waiting list will get a notification that a place is available in reasonable time before the session starts.

Book group session

Confirm your class when arriving at the gym

  • All group classes must be confirmed at the booking terminal at the gym minimum 5 minutes before the session starts.
    • Swipe your card in the reception terminal and at the booking terminal, confirm your place, and get a ticket for the session you have signed up for.
    • 5 minutes before the session starts, the places that have not been confirmed will be available for everyone.
  • If you are on the waiting list and still want to keep your place, you have to swipe your card and confirm the waiting list spot at the booking terminal at least 10 minutes before the session starts.
    • 5 minutes before the session you will get a place if there are any available. 
  • Drop-in group classes: if you haven't booked a place ahead, swipe your card and register for a place on the booking terminal. If there is a waiting list, the remaining places will be available 5 minutes before the class. 

"Not met" - dot system

  • If you book a session but you don't participate, you get a "not met" dot.
  • If you get 3 dots during a 30 day period, you will be locked out from the online booking system until the first dot is further back in time than 30 days. 
  • If you are locked out you can still book sessions on the terminal at the front desk.

Booking a squash court or hall

  • It is possible to book from 9 p.m. two days ahead.
  • Maximum 3 half hours per day per member.
  • Cancellations at the latest 60 minutes ahead.
  • You have to register/pay at the front desk at least 5 minutes ahead.
  • Halls are free of charge if you are a member. To use a squash court you must pay a fee of 25 NOK for each 30 min. 
  • Everyone who attends have to be member of Sit or pay a day ticket.
  • The "not met" dot system also apply for booking squash/halls.

Book squash court

Book a multipurpose room