Exercise class descriptions

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TRENING ENG our group classes

Cardio, aerobics and dance (light green and pink bookings)


PulsIntervall (35) is a short and effective cardio workout (aerobic) without any difficult steps or combinations, one song at a time. 4 intervals with short active recovery between. 
Puls45 is a 45 min aerobic class, song by song. Easy to follow, but effective cardio training. 
PulsStep is step aerobics based on the same principles as Puls, but with longer duration and including a step. 
BosuPuls is 30 min cardio and 30 min strength and balance training with the use of a BOSU ball (an inflated rubber hemisphere attached to a rigid platform).


Beatz is a cardio dance class. It’s easy to follow, the choreography changes from song to song, and so does the dance genre.

Step choreography

Step&Core is a cardio workout using the step, where you build a choreography during the class. The last 15 minutes is dedicated to core training. 
StepMoves is a more advanced step class, more challenging when it comes to coordination, and inspired by dance. There is no core training at the end of StepMoves.

StepIntervall (35)

A short and intense class. 4 intervals using a step, focus on core strenght in between. Duration: 4 min intervals, 2–3 min pause. Warm up included, and a short cool down. 

Strenght classes (dark blue booking)


Strenght training with a bar and disc weights, 3-4 sets with 8-12 repetitions pr exercise. Pump (45) has shorter duration.


HardCore is functional exercise for the whole body – strength, balance and endurance. During the class you use your own body weight, and equipment like disc weights, step and training bar.

BosuStyrke (45 min)

Strenght and balance training with the use of a BOSU ball (an inflated rubber hemisphere attached to a rigid platform). 

TRX Styrke (45 min)

TRX suspension trainer gives you a functional full body work out. Challenging your stability and core.   

Combination classes with cardio and strenght (bright orange booking)


Intervals with PulsStep (cardio on step) and Pump (strenght training with a bar and disc weights). 3–4 intervals using the step, duration 7–10 minutes each.


HIIT – high intensity interval training, with 45 second long intervals. Combination of strenght and cardio exercises. We use a dual grip medicine ball for resistance and as an extra challenge.You can join either 35 or 60 minute classes. You decide the pace and effort here!


Cirquit exercise in Sal4, Gløshaugen. A station based class with 5 stations, where you work 7 minutes on each station. A combination of strenght and cardio exercises.


A crossfit inspired class. Functional training in the gym area at Gløshaugen. Strength and cardio combined.  


An interval class focusing on agility, endurance and strength using a Bungee; an elastic band. You are working in pairs, one person in the front and one in the back. The whole class consists of 40 second periods where you work or hold the elastic band for your partner.

Body&Mind (light blue booking)

Smidig (60 min)

Strength, mobility and relaxation inspired by tai chi, yoga, pilates and ballet.

Yoga1 (60 minutes)

An easy slow flow class suitable for all levels. Traditional yoga routines that will strengthen your body and increase mobility. Focus on relaxation towards the end of the class.

Yoga2 (75 minutes)

A bit more challenging than Yoga1: longer duration, higher pace and the level of some of the asanas combined gives you a more challenging class. Traditional yoga routines will strengthen your body and increase mobility. Focus on relaxation towards the end of the class.

Ashtanga yoga (110 minutes)

Ashtanga primary series teached in English. It is highly recommended to have some yoga experience before attending this class. 

Power&Restore (75 minutes)

The best of both worlds: powerful vinyasa yoga followed by a longer restorative ending. 

YinYoga (75 minutes)

A slow flowing class that suits everyone. Find peace and quiet in each asana. 

Move&Meditate (90 minutes)

A slow class starting with 60min yin followed by 30min guided meditation. 

Spin classes (purple booking)


A spin class with 2–3 longer intervals. You control the intensity during the intervals by adjusting the resistance.


A spin class with 2–4 longer intervals, the class is designed to be harder than a Spin45, but again you control the intensity by adjusting the resistance. A bit higher cadence, and longer periods standing up, compared to a Spin45.

SpinIntervall (45 min)

This spin class is based on the prinicples of interval training. The class consist of 4 standing intervals, duration per interval is 4 minutes. 2-3 minutes active restitution between each working interval.

PyramideSpin (60 min)

An interval class with 7 intervals in a pyramid: 3-4-5-6-5-4-3 minutes hard work. 2 minutes restitution inbetween. Warm up and cool down included.