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Become a member

As a member of Sit you get access to five fitness centers. You can buy a membership online or at the front desk at our Portalen, Dragvoll or Gløshaugen locations. Please bring your student app/semester card or employee card with you. Remember to visit the front desk to activate cards bought online. If you chose to pay at the front desk please note that we do not accept foreign visas or credit cards.


Half year memberships for the spring are valid until 10th of August 2020. Memberships for the whole academic year are only sold during the fall semester.

Idrett ENG prices


For students who pays semesterfee to Sit, valid semester card must be provided.

For students at NTNU and DMMH a membership in NTNUI or DMMHI is included in the full year or semester membership.

One year (lasts from August – August) NOK 1800
One semester NOK 1150
Day ticket NOK 100
Punch card, 10 training sessions NOK 500
1 month NOK 350


If you want to join NTNUI but not Sit, you will not get access to the indoor facilities.
The separate NTNUI fee is 550 NOK and the membership is always valid until August 10, not depending on when you pay the fee. 


For employees at NTNU, Sit, DMMH, Sintef, BI and Akademika.

Employees at NTNU: membership in NTNU BIL is included.

One year (lasts from August – August) NOK 2200
One semester NOK 1400
1 month NOK 450
Day pass NOK 100
Punch card, 10 training sessions NOK 500

Month cards lasts from date to date for one or two months. 

External members

As an external member you must have been a regular member the last semester, or live together with someone with a valid membership. 

One year (lasts from August – August) NOK 2700
One semester NOK 1800
Day pass NOK 150
Punch card, 10 training sessions NOK 750

NTNUI fee is not included. Ask at the reception if you need external membership with NTNUI included.

When you first buy a membership, the access card is included in the price. A new card costs NOK 50.

To open the door to Moholt training centre or Sit DMMH you first need to visit one of our other three locations to activate your card.

Remember to always bring your training card and ID when you want to access one of our training facilities. If you forget your training card, you have to show valid photo ID to enter.

Squash and climbing

Price squash, per court/30 min NOK 25
Rent a squashracket NOK 30
Price climbing, per NOK 25
Climbing card for a year (only for members of the climbing group) NOK 300