Update: ReStore has reviewed its operation given the COVID-19 situation. ReStore will continue to accept donations during the spring season but will not have any hours where we are open to the public.

What's all this then?

Now you can donate any furniture, glasses, plates, and silverware that you don't wish to bring with you when you move out, to the students coming after you. Sit is collaborating with the fantastic students at ReStore, to try to reduce the amount of furniture and other perfectly fine household items that get thrown away at our student villages every year.

ReStore would love to take the things you wish to get rid of, as long as you think that they can have a use for someone else.

How does no-contact donation work?

During the COVID-19 period, all donations will continue to be no-contact. You can drop off your household goods under the overhang on the south side of the kindergarten (Prestekragevein 14), then send ReStore a photo with the date/time you dropped it off. ReStore’s volunteers will bring the furniture inside after 72 hours (the length of time COVID-19 is projected to survive on surfaces).

If you have furniture that is too big to be carried to ReStore, get in touch with them to book a van pickup. For the safety of ReStore’s volunteers, pickups will be contact-free: you will be expected to label the furniture and bring it to the curbside by the appointed time.

How do I get in touch with ReStore?

You email [email protected] or message them at
To ensure swift handling of your inquiry, make sure your email contains the following: your mobile phone number, your address (including which floor you live on), a short description of what you wish to give away (size, weight, number, etc.), and preferably a photo as well.

Will ReStore accept anything?

Almost. They do not accept beds, mattresses, bedding, clothes or fabrics. Only furniture, kitchen utensils and other items for your home. Please donate only working, clean items in good condition and ReStore will find your stuff a good new home.

I've got a bicycle that I can't bring with me, what should I do with it?

Have no fear, ReStore is piloting a ReSykkel service! ReSykkel will store your bicycle until the autumn. You'll fill out an agreement and they will try to sell it on your behalf (taking a fee from the sales before transferring your money). If you’d like more information, please contact [email protected].

So, what happens to my stuff after I've given it to ReStore?

ReStore will store household goods over the summer and give them away to incoming students in August. The date of the event will be announced on ReStore's Facebook page and on our web pages.

But... ReStore didn't want my stuff!

If the things you wish to get rid of are in such poor condition that ReStore doesn't want to have it, do not despair! Rather you should log in to, select "Contact maintenance" from the menu, and arrange for a time and place for Sit to come and collect the items for you, and dispose of them in the correct manner.

If the items are in good condition, but there are other reasons for ReStore not to accept them, we highly encourage everyone to make use of Trondheim's, and the Internet's, great and varied selection of services for disposing of used items.