Photo: Kristian Thorsen

Every year, Sit enters into sponsorship agreements with student societies and organisations in Gjøvik, Ålesund and Trondheim. Through the sponsorship programme we will work together with student organisations to promote a volunteer culture among the students. The sponsorship programme is also intended to increase the students’ awareness of who we are and what we do. A sponsorship agreement confers both obligations and benefits on each party. The student organisations receive financial support from Sit, while providing services in return that benefit Sit.

Applications due by March 1. and October 1.

Everyone can apply in February, while in September, only new organizations and new projects can apply. Processing time is one month after closing date, and applications can be expected within two weeks after the treatment deadline.


Application guidance

Apply for funding

For questions, please contact [email protected]. Applications sent in after the deadline will not be considered.

Semester fee transfer

About 7,1 million NOK from the semester fee is given as support to student organizations like NTNUI, Studentmediene i Trondheim, NSO, ÅSS, Huset in Gjøvik, Banken in Ålesund and The Student Cabin. The Welfare Council decides the distribution of the funds. 

Cooperation agreements with Sit

We have cooperation agreements with some of the larger student organizations in Trondheim, like Studentersamfundet, ISFIT, UKA, NTNUI, NTNUI Gjøvik and NTUNI Gjøvik!