Our offers to you as a student!

Foto: Sit
Foto: Sit

Our offers to you as a student!

When you pay your tuition fee, you automatically become a member of Sit. As a member of Sit, you will be able to use and access many different offers and services. 

Some are free of charge, others you can purchase at student friendly prices. Sit is the Welfare Organisation for students in Gjøvik, Ålesund and Trondheim, and since 1948 we have worked to ensure that all students have the possibility to enjoy their time as a student – also outside the classroom.

On our Campuses in Trondheim we have several offers and services for you as a student at NTNU, BI, DMMH and Norsk Fotofagskole. We have different offers at our various campuses, but you are welcome to use them all regardless of where you study.


Fitness and sports

Our 5 fitness- and sport centres offer a number of group classes, modern free weight areas, and PT-sessions at student-friendly prices. We also have sports halls, squash courts and a climbing wall.

The price is of course customised to suit to students’ wallets and also includes membership in NTNUI (The Student Sports Association).

Check out our gym memberships



Being a student is so much more than studying. We can provide you with free courses, consultations with our advisors, and psychologist possibilities, both digitally and on campus. We will help you

master all aspects of student life. We also offer a free clinic for sexual health! Among other things, you can be examined for chlamydia and receive contraceptive advice.

Read more about our health services



Sit has student housing all around Trondheim. We provide a safe tenancy at a student friendly price,  and the opportunity to make friends for life.

We offer, among other things, rooms in shared-accommodation, partner-apartments, and family-apartments.



Our kindergartens are experts on student parents. We have extensive experience with student parents and meet you and your child with understanding, openness and curiosity.

We also provide you with an exam guarantee. If the exam day collides with a planning day, or your child is ill during the exam period, we will find a solution together that offers you childcare and allows you to take your exam.


Student volunteering

Get involved in student volunteering and meet other students with the same interests as yourself.

We offer free courses, coaching and lots of other offers for those of you with volunteering positions!

Find out more about our offers for student organisations



In Trondheim you will find 12 Sit canteens spread over Trondheim’s many campuses. We also have coffee shops and convenience stores at some of them. We serve excellent and nutritious food, providing you with the opportunity to take a well-deserved reading break with your friends.

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