Game on, 2022!

Start the year strong with offers that help stregthen both body and mind! | Foto: Shutterstock / Fit Ztudio
Start the year strong with offers that help stregthen both body and mind! | Foto: Shutterstock / Fit Ztudio

Game on, 2022!

Ready for the new year? Let our offers help strengthen all of you!

The Fall semester and the Christmas holidays are over and our calendars have flipped over, showing 2022. The new year often comes with a sense of new opportunities and a fresh start.

Use this new beginning to strengthen all of you – both mind and body! We’ve collected our best offers to help give you a good and energetic start to the new year!

Find the joy of exercise in 2022!

We have the best fitness offer for students! With a membership at Sit you can enjoy all of our 5 modern and fitness centers. All our fitness centers are centrally located close to campus and the the biggest student villages.

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Start of strong with a PT

Want to get started with your workout routine but a little overwhelmed or unsure where to start? Our  excellent personal trainers (PT) are here to help! We have a wide range of PT offers that you gain access to with a Sit membership.

When you buy a membership with us, you get a free introductory session with one of our highly skilled PTs. You can also book regular 1-1 PT session or team up with a friend and book a PT-duo session.

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En energisk morgenstund

En god start på dagen trenger ikke være så komplisert. Med en næringsrik frokost i magen og en kaffe i hånda er mye gjort.

Hver morgen får du en varmende skål med havregrøt til 12,– på alle våre campus og med kaffeavtalen koster kaffen bare 10,–.

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Someone to talk to

With the onset of a new year you may experience both new and old feelings and thoughts you find challenging. This is completely normal! Sometimes a conversation about what you’re thinking and feeling can be incredibly helpful.

Homesick or heartbreak, loneliness or overthinking, friendships, family or simply how you’re [honestly] doing – our Student life advisors are ready to listen – and they have room for all of you<3

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Good vibes at Studentsenteret

Welcome to Studentsenteret! Sit down and relax in one of our sofas or a comfy chair and catch up with a [new or old] friend. Enjoy a cup of Starbucks® coffee, let your creativity flow with at our pearly jewelry station or with some watercolours, or; put your headphones in, sit back, and simply be.

Come by yourself or bring someone you think needs a break in between lectures.

Studentsenteret is open Monday to Friday from 08.00 to 17.00.

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Find peace and room to play at Loftet

Welcome to «Loftet» - our student venue conveniently located in the heart of Moholt student village. «Loftet» is open for all students, every day!

Come by with your books and a change of scenery from your regular study hall. You’re welcome to sit and read, discuss your curriculum, lectures, and life. Help yourself to a cup of free coffee or tea, and challenge someone to a pingpong or fussball match or play a boardgame.

Come by yourself or with a friend [who knows, maybe you’ll find some new friends!] – at «Loftet» all are welcome!

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