FAQ after moving in

Illustrasjon: Tommy Danielsen
Illustrasjon: Tommy Danielsen

FAQ after moving in

You've moved in to your student housing, and you can finally get some peace of mind. But, then, one question after another starts popping up. Here we try to answer the most common ones.

Internet! I'm offline! What do I do now?

Read more about Internet in our student villages

They're telling me to contact maintenance or report a defect... How do I do that?

For us to to help you as swiftly and efficiently as possible when you're having some sort of technical problem in your room or apartment - like a clogged sink, a malfunctioning light, and things like that - you should contact our maintenance department directly. The simplest way to do that is to log in to bolig.sit.no and select "Contact maintenance" from the menu. Fill in all the required information as detailed as you can, and we will make the repairs, or contact you for more information, as soon as possible.

Reporting defects is all well and good, but you're not open in the evening, or during the weekends! What do I do if something happens while you're closed?

If something happens that requires immediate assistance, you call 915 02347. That's the number for our 24 hour alarm central, which you can call when we are not open.

Can I call the alarm central if I have lost or forgotten my house key as well?

You can, and if you do, a security guard will come and let you in. Please be aware that this is a service that you will have to pay for. Check here for prices on our different services

If I've actually lost my house key, what do I do then?

You can read more about that here

A stove guard? What's that? Is it that horrible thing that keeps beeping every time we try to cook a meal?

That's probably the one, yes. A stove guard is installed in most of our housings. It is installed above the stove, and it registers when there's been high temperatures over a prolonged period of time - something which will happen quite often in shared flats. If it starts beeping, it is usually because it hasn't registered any movement near the stove for a while. Most of the time all you need to do is wave your hand in front of the sensor. If it is left beeping for an extended period of time, it will eventually cut the power to the stove, to prevent a potential fire.

We have a variation of stove guards at our student villages, so there can be a variation of ways of making them stop beeping, or to reset them if they have cut the power to the stove, but every kitchen should have the manual for the stove guard in one of the cupboards, where you can see just how to operate yours.

That beeping thing in the ceiling, is that a smoke detector? I suppose I can just climb up and remove the batteries if I have accidentally set it howling while expressing my culinary mastery in the kitchen?


Yes, it is a smoke detector. No, do not tamper with it!

Our fire alarm system is connected directly to our fire alarm central, and if you start tampering with a smoke detector, that is considered sabotage on the fire alarm system. It is also putting yourself, and your neighbours at serious risk. If you acidentally set off the fire alarm, you should immediately call our alarm central, 915 02347, to have it reset, and to avoid a call-out from the fire department.

Important! If you tamper with the smoke detector, you will be charged for the costs of having it repaired. And, if the fire department is called out due to a false alarm, you will have to pay for the call-out.

Paying the rent, not always that simple..?

Well, it depends... You can pay the rent either online, in the bank, or at the post office. If you have a cash card, you can also pay the rent at our reception. Note that this only applies to cash cards and not for other types of cards.

I have received an invoice - how can I see what I am charged for?

  • Log on to your page at bolig.sit.no
  • Go to “Invoices”
  • Press the invoice you want to view
  • Download as PDF - open this PDF

You will then see what the invoice contains.

Has your invoice been sent to Inkasso/Debt collection?
You will receive a letter in your mailbox. You can contact Visma at Visma.no, and you can also find information on this link: https://www.visma.no/inkasso/inkassokrav/

There is annoying noise from neighbors at night - what rules apply and what can I do about it?

It must be quiet in the house and in the student town / housing from 11:00 p.m. all days of the week (ref. Sit Bolig's regulations for student housing). You can call our alarm center on 91502347. A guard then moves out, and if the disturbance is located, the person / persons who caused the unrest may be charged for the guard having to move out.