3 tips for living happily together

3 tips for living happily together

Enjoying where you live is an important part of your life as a student. Here are 3 tips that might help you and your flatmates on the way to a happy life together!

It's important to do nice things together with your flatmates: make dinner, watch a series together or study for exams.


1. Agree on a set of ground rules

Regardless of whether you live with friends or strangers, it's is important that you agree on certain common rules. Quesitons to think about can be: how do we sort out the cleaning schedule? How do we solve joint expenses and what will be joint expenses? Do we share food? And what about the toilet paper..!? Do we go for the cheap single layers or the multi-layered luxurious and soft one?


2. Talk to each other

Drop the "CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF!" post-its in the kitchen and talk to each other instead. Agree that talks touching on the ground rules are never personal, and offer constructive feedback if something annoys you. Regular house meetings is a great way of creating a safe and social forum for talking about these things. It can even be rather enjoyable if combined with dinner or a snack.


3. Do stuff together

Get to know the people you're living with! Avoid making your flatmates "that guy down the hall" or "the girl in the cupboard under the stairs."

You are going to be sharing the kitchen and common areas, and go through exam periods together, so get to know one another and do nice thing together. Eat together, go to the movies together, study for your exams together - what is usually a really stressful period quickly becomes much more enjoyable when you go through it with someone by your side. Talk to one another when you're in the common areas and ask eachother questions and before you know it you'll be living with life long friends!