Student parent services

We offer the sevices tailored to all students with children.

Exam guarantee

In times of exams, projects and assignments the student life can be very busy. Your child can become ill when exams are approaching or maybe even on the day of your exam, or you need it for other study- related reasons.

Then you may need additional child care. Contact the manager of one of the kindergartens, and together we will find a good solution for you and your child.
Exam guarantee applies to all students with children in Trondheim.

We can offer:

  • educational activities for the child in evenings and Saturdays
  • childcare on your exam day
  • extended opening in the kindergarten
  • extended help if necessary


Sit Barn Moholt 475 04 655

Cultural workshop

All children of students can participate in the Cultural workshop twice a week in the evenings and on Saturdays. There will be arranged cultural activities like painting, singing, dance or music. We may also participate in cultural events for children in the city centre of Trondheim. The hourly rate is 40 NOK. Sign your child up by Monday at 2 pm, by phone: 475 04 655. Remember to cancel if your child is unable to participate. The address is Moholt alle 9b. 
Opening hours

  • Wednesdays and thursday: 5 pm – 8 pm
  • Saturdays: 10 am – 4 pm

Opens after summer holiday on August 16 

Open kindergarten

Twice a week you can bring your child to open kindergarten. The offer is free of charge and gives you and your child the opportunity to get to know other children and adults in your neighbourhood. You can get support and guidance in your role as a parent, and you may also obtain more information about various public services for families with young children. 

The open kindergarten is located at Moholt student village, adress: Moholt kindergarten, Moholt alle 9b.

Opening hours for Open kindergarten

  • Tuesday and Thursday 11 am – 2 pm
    Opens after summer holiday on August 15



Sit Barn Moholt
Tel: 475 04 655