Our kindergartens

Sit runs 2 kindergartens with 250 places for children 0–6 years. Our kindergartens are international with children from many different nations. We emphasize multilingualism and language developement in our pedagogic strategy.

Moholt kindergarten

The kindergarten has a beautiful location at Moholt student village.

Qualifications, experience and knowledge among employees makes us confident that children and parents will see quality of interaction in everyday life. Moholt kindergarten gives us various rooms and facilities that will ensure the safety, play and learning for the children. We get several exciting venues, where children can express themselves and gain experience and new knowledge. We have an area where they can explore with water. Several venues facilitated for cultural experiences in music, theater and dance and different workshops for creative activities in general.

Dragvoll kindergarten

The kindergarten is located close to NTNU Dragvoll, with Children aged 0–6 years.

The kindergarten has a primary focus on movement, language learning, song and music enjoyment and creativity. The children can unfold in many different activities, and get to know the feeling of mastery in various venues.